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white private jet
Photo by Yuri G. on Unsplash

To Mykonos by Private Jet

A flight by private plane to any corner of the world will be a comfortable, fast and cozy transport. You do not need to worry about who you are flying with, who will interfere with you along the way – no inconvenience, only comfort. A private jet can reach any corner of the globe, but why fly so far when the pearl of an island holiday is right in front of you – the island of Mykonos. Order private jet Mykonos and enjoy your holidays!

Mykonos is a small picturesque town on the island of the same name in Greece, called the pearl of the Cyclades islands. As early as the 9th century BC, there were Ionian settlements here. In the 13th century, the territory was occupied by the Venetians, in the 16th century by the Ottoman Empire. Only in the 30s of the XIX century the city together became an administrative-territorial unit of Greece.

Mykonos today

Today Mykonos (the second name of the city of Chora) is one of the most prestigious tourist destinations. Every year, golden youth, representatives of bohemians, leading politicians and entrepreneurs come here from around the world. At one time, Aristotle Onassis, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor liked to relax here. Today you can often see Nicolas Cage, Michael Jordan, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton and other world stars here.

mykonos view
Image by Unsplash+

The climate of Mykonos is so mild that it is called the “island of the four seasons” – you can rent a business jet for a flight to Mykonos at any time of the year. In winter, the temperature is kept at the level of 15-16 degrees, almost no snow falls. The beach season lasts from May to October, during this period the water in the sea warms up to 22-24 degrees Celsius. However, it should be noted that strong winds can blow here in July and August. The southern part of the island is the most protected from the winds, it is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. And those who like to conquer the sea waves on surfboards will certainly like it on the north side.

Beach holiday

The main purpose for which tourists make private flights to Mykonos is a beach holiday. The most popular beach is “Paradise”, located four kilometers south of the city. But if you want to combine swimming in the sea with active leisure, you should go to Platys Gialos beach, where you will be offered a lot of activities for every taste. Windsurfing, water skiing and other activities are also available at Ornos Beach. The largest diving center is located on Psarou beach. Experienced divers love to dive at the Anna II wreck near Lia Beach. If you are interested in horseback riding through the most picturesque corners of the island, contact the Mykonos Horseland equestrian center.

private jet in sunset light
Photo by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

As you can see, the island is conducive to an easy, imposing vacation for both families and youth. Therefore, contact private jets rental to make your flight comfortable and travel to the Greek dream island.

Source: private jet for rent price

sofa with laptop
Image by Unsplash+

Perfect Sofa for Your Room

A sofa is an integral part of every home. Without upholstered furniture, it is difficult to create a cozy and comfortable environment, and after the repair work is completed, you always want to install new furniture.

Surely many when arranging a furniture set faced with the fact that they did not know how to rationally use the corners available in the room? After all, not every piece of furniture can be installed in them. Fortunately, this issue is easily solved today thanks to the appearance of a variety of types of corner sofas. Pay attention to the L shape sofa bed in Dubai.

man on l shaped sofa
Image by Unsplash+

Many buyers and designers prefer corner sofas to straight ones. There are reasons for that:

  • – Corner sofas save more room space than regular straight ones.
  • – They help to use the useful space of the corner, which is often empty.
  • – Just like straight sofas, corner sofas can be equipped with transformation mechanisms, turning into a spacious sofa bed.
  • – The corner sofa transformer is perfect for a one-room flat or studio apartment, because it helps to correctly zone the interior.
  • – Corner sofas can be a designer element of your interior. The corners in it are created by an attached canape installation of a standard or a shortened size.
  • – The L-corner model of the sofa can consist of two different lengths or identical sides. .

However, corner sofas also have some disadvantages. Since they have quite extensive dimensions, it is best to place them in a spacious room. For example, a living room, a bedroom, a nursery, a library. And it is better not to overload small rooms with such furniture.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a product, first decide on the style of the room and only after that buy the appropriate piece of furniture. Before buying, it is necessary to check the dimensions of the corner sofa in the unfolded and assembled form. Make sure that you will be comfortable using the transformation mechanism. It is possible that the sofa has the possibility of installing additional options: a linen drawer, a mini-bar with shelves and lighting.

sofa focus photo
Photo by Lisa Amann on Unsplash

Use the following recommendations:

  • – determine the permanent location of the  L-shape sofa and take measurements taking into account a small margin;
  • – spread newspapers on the floor so that you clearly understand how much space the furniture will take up in the unfolded form, whether you will have aisles;
  • – very clearly define the purpose of the sofa: for daily use as a sleeping place, as a guest type of furniture, for dividing space into zones;
  • – study different transformation mechanisms to choose the one that suits you;
  • – decide on the interior filling of the furniture;
  • – in appearance, an L-shape sofa with or without a sleeping place should match the interior of the room, choose a high-quality, wear-resistant and practical fabric for upholstery.

To choose a suitable L-corner sofa, it is worth putting a little effort and studying all the necessary information. However, you can turn to experts in this field to speed up the process. After all, properly selected upholstered furniture will delight you for many years. Highly qualified consultants will help determine the model.

dubai view
Image by Unsplash+

Advantages of Buying a Property in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most progressive cities in the world with a multinational population. Due to its loyal foreign economic and tax policy and consistently high quality of life, it acts as an attractive investment platform for wealthy foreigners. But, like any other purchase, such an investment has both its disadvantages and advantages.

9 advantages why it is worth buying a property in Dubai

Often, when choosing investment assets, the key factors are their cost, reliability and payback. These criteria are relevant when evaluating securities or bank deposits.

But for the purchase of real estate, this approach is clearly not enough. When investing in apartments, you need to evaluate not only the local real estate market, but also the quality of life, economic indicators of the state. Speaking about the advantages of Dubai, it is impossible not to mention the high business activity, attractive warm climate and transport accessibility.

Purchase price

Despite the fact that Dubai is a highly developed metropolis and a popular resort, the cost of local real estate is quite commensurate with housing prices in cities with millions. Also, new projects in Dubai are constantly appearing, so anyone can find a property.

dubai at night
Photo by Robert Bock on Unsplash
High quality of life

Despite the fact that Dubai is located on the edge of the desert, it belongs to highly developed ultramodern megacities with all the ensuing advantages. The city is filled with shopping malls, business centres, restaurants, etc.

The entertainment infrastructure, as well as the hotel and restaurant business, work at maximum capacity. Another striking advantage is transport. In Dubai, you can find both buses or taxis familiar to us, and unmanned subway cars.

The roads themselves deserve special attention. Special attention is paid to the quality of the roadway and the convenience of transport interchanges.

Easy transport accessibility

Dubai is a developed modern city with an abundance of both domestic and international transport. From the local airport, you can easily get anywhere in the world. Moreover, Dubai airport is located within the city limits, due to which the transfer to the final destination can take no more than half an hour.

dubai wide view
Photo by Nathan John on Unsplash
High international business activity

The city has an extremely favourable geographical location. Namely, it is located at the intersection of sea and air trade routes between Asia, Africa and Europe. And taking into account the fact that the city is not only a popular resort, but also a metropolis with a developed transport network, this makes Dubai an ideal place for international transactions of any scale.

High return on investment

Dubai is literally overflowing with foreigners. Some of them visit the city for 1-2 weeks, while others prefer to live in the resort city all year round. This state of affairs makes the demand for rental of local housing extremely significant.

Depending on the location, class and cost of rent, an apartment in Dubai can bring its owner 5-10% per annum. Moreover, in the UAE, rental payments are made for a year in advance.