What is Sports Insurance for?

Running, playing tennis, swimming – even such relatively calm sports carry risks for human health. If you or your children lead a sporting lifestyle, you should consider purchasing a sports insurance policy. Let’s understand the features and nuances of this product.

The policy can be issued to both children and adults, and the list of covered sports includes up to 200 varieties, ranging from the most extreme to completely harmless checkers and golf. Typically, such policies are purchased for children attending sports clubs and going to competitions. By the way, the presence of insurance coverage for an athlete is sometimes a condition for participation in competitions or training camps.

person doing sports
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How does athlete insurance work?

Insurance for athletes works on the same principle: in the event of an injury, the insured is awarded an insurance payment, the amount of which will be calculated based on the terms of the policy. The maximum insurance coverage is payable only in the event of the athlete’s death. As for the territory and duration of the policy, it all depends on the chosen program and insurer. For example, the option “participation in competitions” in some companies may be paid additionally.

It is possible to have insurance only for the time of classes in sports sections, training, competitions, and for the rest of the time (in this case, injuries received not during sports are also covered). Indication of insurance during “participation in competitions” is necessary, among other things, to allow the insured to participate.

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The policy also covers the risk of injury as a result of active leisure time: participation in sports games (volleyball, football, badminton, swimming, basketball), visiting water parks, cycling, skiing, rollerblading, scooters, and so on.