Recruiting Agency: What is This and Why?

Currently, the employment market has undergone dozens, or even hundreds of changes. However, one of the most significant can be considered the emergence of recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies have long established themselves as reliable intermediaries between employers and job seekers. But if most executives and HR managers, when searching for personnel, have a good idea of how to work with recruitment companies, then with individuals the situation is more complicated. Not all job seekers understand what a recruiting agency is, whether it can help them and under what conditions.

What is a recruiting agency?

Recruiting agencies are organizations that select candidates for employers. Employers entrust them with sourcing employees for vacant positions in their organizations to save resources and gain access to an expanded candidate base that direct advertising and the company’s network cannot reach.

Frankly speaking, recruiting agencies act as intermediaries in the labor market. The essence of their activity is simple – to make sure that the employer and the employee perfectly match each other. The selection criteria are:

  • salary level
  • experience
  • employee skills
  • goals of both sides and much more.
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The essence of a recruiting agency

In addition to cost-effectiveness, a key criterion for applying to such agencies is an expanded candidate base. It is the combination of these two factors that makes hr service the preferred choice for most employers.

The cooperation of companies with such agencies guarantees access to the best candidates on the market, and therefore a significant advantage over their competitors.

Most recruiting agencies provide a guarantee for the candidate’s employment. This means that the element of risk in the business of hiring people is minimal, and replacements are often provided free of charge in the first few months of a candidate’s employment.

Advantages of recruiting agencies

Saving time and money. According to statistics, a regular search takes much longer and is more expensive.

A fresh look at staff. Recruitment by a third party often “opens a second wind” for the company, increasing its profits and improving relations between employees.

Access to the best candidates. Aspects such as networking and knowledge of the intricacies of the field in general allow recruiters to optimize the search for candidates, selecting highly qualified employees for any vacancy.

Company image. Organizations that delegate the search for employees look more professional and prestigious. Moreover, outsourcing recruiting allows you to devote more time to marketing and other departments of the company, increasing its efficiency.

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Extensive candidate base. Often this criterion is decisive when deciding to contact an agency. Employees whose resumes are published on regular websites are just the tip of the labor market iceberg.

In conclusion, do not be afraid to entrust the selection of employees to recruiting agencies, as it is unlikely that anyone will do it better than them. However, do not forget to check whether you are really working with a professional in your field.