What Is Early Neuro-rehabilitation and Where Is It Better to Undergo It in Germany?

The recovery of a neurological patient does not end with a course of medications. Pathology can be so severe that significant efforts will be required to return a person to a full life. Neuro-rehabilitation in the Kliniken Schmieder is carried out using a variety of techniques adapted to a specific patient, the most important thing is to start rehabilitation as early as possible, thereby improving the results of restoring health.

This allows the clinic staff to choose the appropriate treatment method and, of course, to develop an individualized program to restore lost functions in neurological patients.

Who will need neuro-rehabilitation?

This branch of medicine deals with the recovery of people after they have suffered a stroke, traumatic injuries to the central and peripheral nervous system, and the brain.

The goals of neuro-rehabilitation

There are two categories of diseases for which the goals of medical rehabilitation differ. In the first case, there are diseases with an already formed neurological defect. The second category includes hereditary and degenerative diseases.

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The purpose of the measures for patients from the first group is to eliminate the neurological deficit that has arisen, restore lost functions. Neuro-rehabilitation of patients from the second category is aimed at improving the quality of life, reducing existing symptoms.

They have to deal with situations where it is impossible to achieve full recovery. Then they try to help a person adapt to society. They also contribute to the prevention and treatment of possible complications. They can occur against the background of a decrease in motor activity, adaptation to the existing disease.

Principles of the methodology

It should be noted that early neuro-rehabilitation is a branch of medicine that is receiving attention all over the world. It is believed that it will become a priority in medical practice.

The main principles of neuro-rehabilitation:

  • Earlier the start of the events. It should be started immediately, when the patient’s somatic state and the state of his consciousness allow it.
  • The use of all permissible rehabilitation measures in the complex.The use of methods under the control of effectiveness, as well as the adequacy of loads.
  • Focus on adaptation in society.
  • Development of a program for a specific patient.
  • Splitting the rehabilitation process into stages that allow achieving the best result.

What are the methods?

Many methods have been developed and implemented in clinical practice. A comprehensive and individual approach to each person is considered the most effective.

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In complex treatment, the following methods are usually used:

  • The effect of magnetic fields on the affected parts of the body and nervous system.
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation – it is a technique whose task is to activate the cells of the cerebral cortex responsible for motor and sensory functions.
  • Visual, auditory, electrical stimulation of the nervous system and brain.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Massage, osteopathy.
  • Reflexology, bioresonance.
  • Alpha capsule.
  • Stability training is a rehabilitation method that allows you to restore the motor functions of the limbs. During the training, the patient sees the centre of his gravity and tries to shift it to the object that is depicted on the screen.
  • Restoration of the stereotype of walking, thanks to rehabilitation computer complexes. This technique makes it possible to improve walking function and restore it.
  • Classes aimed at the development of speech, memory, attention and thinking.
  • Restoration of the functioning of the hands with the help of simulators that have biofeedback.
  • Classes aimed at the formation of household skills. Such training helps the patient to adapt to society after suffering injuries and illnesses.
  • Reflex-load suits. They contribute to the restoration – coordination of muscle and joint function lost as a result of a stroke.
  • Virtual reality, brain-computer interface, etc.

These are just some of the methods used in neuro-rehabilitation, the entire range of services can be found on the clinic’s website.