Why is There a Dressing Table in the Bedroom and How to Choose It?

There should be a corner in the bedroom where you can devote some time to your appearance. A dressing table is necessary not only for girls who apply makeup every day, but also for older women or men. They can also take care of skin and hair, eyebrows and beard.

Often, the VASAGLE dressing table is not only a place for beauty guidance, but also furniture for storing cosmetics and household appliances for drying and styling hair, an epilator, etc. It is chosen based on the overall design of the bedroom and the size of the room. The model should not only be practical and comfortable, but also fit well into the interior.

Types of dressing tables

There are several varieties: classic, trellis, with a folding mirror.

person making up
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Classic. A mirror is mounted to an ordinary table and a mirrored vanity desk is obtained. The design itself provides drawers and shelves for storing cosmetics and other small items. They are organized around the entire perimeter — on the left, on the right, above the countertop.

The trellis. In shape, it looks more like a massive chest of drawers with a three-leaf mirror mounted on it.

A table with a folding mirror. A mirror is fixed on the surface of the table, which can be removed if necessary. All storage areas are located inside the table itself.

How to choose a dressing table

To determine the appropriate model of the dressing table, you should determine the design and model of the room. A large and massive table will interfere in a small room, and a mirror opposite the door will not be able to visually enlarge the space. An ordinary corner table or dressing table will look harmoniously in a spacious bedroom.

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Before buying, you should measure the room. If it is spacious, you can choose any model you like. Most standard models can be integrated into an ordinary bedroom.