Solutions for A Key Stuck in Lock

Is your key stuck in lock half-tuned and do you need help handling it? Here are some Effective Solutions for a Key Stuck in a Lock. 

Key Stuck in Lock Introduction:

We know it can be extremely frustrating to figure out your key is lodged in a lock and not moving. Having a stuck key, whether it’s in your front door or other door lock can be stressful and inconvenient. Thankfully, there are a few options available to assist you. We will always try to resolve this frequent dilemma with professional solutions. Get a fast professional locksmith at your doorstep and you will get the best solution in minutes. Get help and examine the causes of a stuck key. We will offer advice, solutions and workable ways to get it free.

Common Causes Of Getting The Key Stuck:

There are several ways of solving a problem such as a key stuck in a lock. Therefore, it’s important to comprehend the reasons behind a key getting stuck in a lock before exploring the solutions. Our locksmiths are willing to offer solutions as soon as they get there. Ask SE Locksmith to come over to your address and after a quick assessment, they will come up with the best solution.

These are a few typical reasons for having the key stuck:

  • Key Misalignment: Over time, as locks and keys age, wear and tear may cause. There is no surprise that it can become misaligned. Therefore, in these conditions, when turning the key in the lock, this misalignment may cause it to become stuck.
  • Dust and Debris: Another obvious reason would be the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other foreign objects within the lock mechanism. These can hinder its normal smooth operation and result in the key becoming stuck.
  • Key Damage: Of course, there is a big chance that a broken or twisted key will jam in a lock. Therefore, key damage can result from frequent use. It also can result from exposure to high temperatures, or inadvertent mishandling.
  • Weather: Another common reason would be extreme weather. When it alternates from below-freezing temperatures, can have an impact on the lubricant inside the lock, which makes it more difficult for the key to turn freely.
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Solutions For Your Key Stuck

When you find out your key is jammed in a lock it can be a frustrating occurrence. So, it’s important to realise that there are workable solutions to deal with this problem. Don’t panic and call a locksmith to have a look. SE Locksmith will look at a few practical ways to extract a stuck key and will get you back into your house in minutes

Graphite Lubricant:

A useful and effective solution in the locksmith’s toolbox for handling a stuck key situation is the application of graphite lubricant. So, the locksmith places a small amount of graphite spray through the nozzle and into the lock’s keyway after obtaining an appropriate graphite lubricant spray.

Swiping the key a little bit makes it easier for the lubricant to get distributed evenly throughout the lock and enter the internal parts. Because there is less friction when the lubricant is present, trying to turn the key again is noticeably smoother. Therefore, when a key is stubbornly stuck, a locksmith can offer assistance quickly and efficiently by using this technique.

Lock De-Icer:

When a locksmith comes across a frozen lock, they carefully apply the de-icer right into the keyway. The ice inside the lock can be thawed by the de-icer if you wait patiently for a few minutes. Then, with the de-icer working to lessen the effects of freezing temperatures, he will try to turn the key to become more feasible.

Key Extraction:

When it comes to key extraction tools, these instruments are meticulously constructed to extract broken or stuck keys from locks quickly. Therefore, a professional locksmith can successfully extract the key without further harming the lock mechanism. He can handle the intricacies of a difficult situation with these extraction tools. Of course, the outcome of this situation depends on the locksmith’s skill and on the lock.

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Professional Locksmith:

Don’t hesitate to ask for help as soon as possible. Locksmiths have the expertise and tools they need to help you address more complex lock issues. Anytime there’s a door lock issue, a professional locksmith will come with a professional approach and will make sure you are fully safe inside your house or place of business. Don’t risk your safety and let a professional handle it.


Although having a key stuck in a lock can be frustrating, there are usually easy fixes for it. Use a professional locksmith such as SE Locksmith and you can have your peace of mind back in minutes.  Moreover, your chances of getting your stuck key freed without breaking the lock by yourself are pretty low, so why risk it? Ask a locksmith to come as he is aware of all the common causes and he will always recommend the best solutions when it comes to lock fixes. Hiring a locksmith for professional assistance is a smart move and he will guarantee the security and correct operation of your locks.