How do I know what colors look best on me and those to avoid?

No doubt, color is considered a cruel mistress sometimes. Choosing colors outside your comfort zone makes you feel like you are not beautiful or dressed well. Picking the right colors for your outfit is like trying to find the right haircut for your face.

To determine the colors that are good for you, there are several considerations you need to make. Furthermore, the major determinant of the color of a dress that will look good on you is your skin tone. Read and learn how to choose the best color that will look good on you.

Skin tones and best color to wear or avoid

Not all colors of dresses look good on a particular skin tone. Take a look at the skin tones, the colors that suit you, and those you should avoid.

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Cool undertones

If you have a cool undertone skin color, wearing dresses that clearly contrast your skin tone is better. Dresses or clothing that contrast with your skin color brightens your appearance. It’s best if you wear clothing that has light colors with a mix of darker shades. Wearing hues like brown, bottle green, navy, or other bolder shades of blue will be amazing. Cool undertones should avoid white and neutrals.

Warm undertones

A warm skin tone tends to accept any color. However, clothing with certain colors tends to bring out the best appearance in people with warm undertones. Opt for warm colors and neutrals, with white being the most obvious. Try out a pair of white jeans and T-shirts on a sunny day. Nevertheless, avoid clothing that is yellow or greenish. Stick with neutral colors to bring out the shine in you.

Neutral skin tone

People with neutral skin tones have a medium skin color. In other words, their skin tone offers a blend of both cool undertones and warm. Furthermore, people with neutral skin tones won the jackpot because they could wear almost any dress color and look good. If you have a neutral skin tone, you can wear bold colors without fear. Colors like blue, green, red, etc., will look good on you if you have a neutral skin tone. You should wear yellow if you have a neutral skin tone. More so, yellow is too loud for a neutral skin tone.

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The general rule is to find a color that suits you

The general rule to find the best color is to wear what you are comfortable with. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors because you might just find a better mix. Moreover, you can opt for clothing that has multiple colors instead of wearing two colors.


Seek the opinion of a professional fashion designer to help you choose the right colors. Top-notch fashionistas know how to pair colors and bring out the best in them. Meanwhile, you can carry out a personal color analysis to know what will suit you at any time.