How to Create a Feng Shui Home Decor with Incense Burners

An agreeable environment and positive results in an assortment of life spaces, counting wellbeing, cash, and connections, are the objectives of the antiquated Chinese craftsmanship and science of feng shui. Utilizing incense burners is one way to move forward the feng shui of your house. Here are a few thoughts for utilizing incense burners in feng shui insides plan.

Choose the right incense burner

To form a feng shui-inspired domestic decor, the proper incense burner must be employed. There are numerous distinctive sorts of materials utilized to form incense burners, counting wooden, ceramic, metal, and stone. You can find various hand-made incense burners at The vitality of each fabric changes, so it’s critical to select one that complements the vitality of your domestic. For occurrence, a wooden incense burner would be culminated in case your domestic incorporates a parcel of wooden decorations.

Position the incense burner correctly

It’s crucial to place your incense burner properly in your home once you’ve selected the ideal one. The southeast corner of your home, which represents riches and abundance, is the ideal location for the incense burner. This region is linked to success and prosperity. Alternatively, you can position the incense burner in the love and relationship area, which is the southwest corner of your home.

Brown glass bottle on brown wooden table
Photo by Shashi Chaturvedula on Unsplash

Use the right incense scent

According to feng shui, some smells are said to possess particular qualities and can improve various facets of life. For instance, lavender is connected to love and passion, whereas sandalwood is connected to relaxation and tranquillity. Consider the feng shui characteristics of each aroma when picking an incense blend, and choose one that supports your goals.

Keep the incense burner clean and well-maintained

Keeping up a clean, well-maintained incense burner is significant for keeping the positive vitality stream in your domestic. Empty the ash regularly and keep the burner clean to prevent the buildup of negative energy.

Finally, using an incense burner to improve the feng shui of your home can be very effective. You may create feng shui home décor that encourages harmonious energy flow by picking the perfect incense burner, placing it correctly, using the right incense aroma, and keeping it clean and well-maintained.