How to Choose the Right Reliable and Inexpensive Lock for the Front Door?

When we start thinking about the safety of our home, the last thing we think about is the price. The choice is made according to two main criteria. Firstly, the lock that we are buying must actually be reliable and of high quality. Secondly, we need to be sure that after installation, no one will be able to get into our house using various hacking techniques. You need to find contacts of a good locksmith sw1, with whom you can consult on this issue, and also be able to quickly fix your lock.

white front door photo
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Classification of locking devices

  • Biometric. These types of locks are the most expensive on the market. Identification takes place by fingerprint or by the retina of the eye. They are almost impossible to crack, but if you turn off the electrical power, then you will not be able to get to your home.
  • Push buttons. This type of lock assumes that you set a digital code, which will be the key. Such locks can be mechanical and electronic. You can change the lock code at any time. But considering that the buttons are erased, and fingerprints are visible on the digital scoreboard, it will not be difficult for burglars to crack this lock by entering the necessary combination.
  • Mechanical. This type of locks is the most common. The lock opens and closes with a key. If it breaks down or you can’t get into the house for some reason, then specialists such as a locksmith pimlico will be able to help you quickly. In addition, you can consult with him on which one is better to install the lock so that such situations do not happen again.
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Useful tips

One of the tips of experts is that when buying, you need to take into account which door you will install the lock on. If this is a house, then it is necessary to choose the most reliable and expensive models. If this is a city apartment and you have a door with a reliable lock in common with your neighbours, then you can choose a simpler lock model.