How to Wake Someone Up Over the Phone

If you have ever wanted to wake someone up without breaking their sleeping habits, there are some tips and tricks to get the job done. Whether you’re a friend who’s out of town, or a loved one who’s always falling asleep at the dinner table, you’ll want to have some tips at your disposal to ensure you’re able to do the trick. The good news is that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what to do.

For starters, you can try and call them up. This is especially true if you’re dealing with someone who lives far away or has a sleep schedule that is a real pain to change. Alternatively, you could just leave a message on their phone. Just make sure you do your research before you start calling – otherwise you may not have the best chance of waking them up.

If you have an Android smartphone, there are third-party applications that can send you a surprisingly loud sound to the other end of your phone. Similarly, iPhone users can turn their devices into alarm clocks with a little software magic. Alternatively, you can also use built-in apps to set reminders for yourself and your loved ones.

a black analog alarm clock is sandwiched between two tree trunks
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You can also use a song, a flickering light, or a bit of good luck to get the job done. And if you’re lucky, you may actually be able to rouse them in person. In fact, if you’re a bit of a night owl, you can even wake up your partner with a good old-fashioned handshake.

Another option is to make a joke. This is especially true if you’re calling someone on a silent phone. Make sure the joking is a light-hearted one, though. Getting a grumpy response is not going to make you look like a coolio. Also, be aware that this is a long-term strategy – it won’t be effective in the short term.

You can even get lucky and ring them up on their cellphone. However, it’s more likely you’ll be getting a ring on your own. There are even mobile emergency text messaging services available in the United States.

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Lastly, you could always leave a snazzy wake-up message on your phone. While you’re at it, you could make it an ode to the best sleep habits of your friends and family by promising them a special breakfast at a local eatery. Of course, this isn’t the most efficient way to do it, but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless.

With these tips and tricks at your disposal, you’ll be on your way to waking up your loved one in no time. And don’t forget to look at the apps and other novelty items available in your mobile arsenal. They may not be the cheapest, but you won’t find a more dependable way to get the job done. Plus, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how often your snoozing partner is actually willing to have a conversation with you.