Finding the Perfect Symbol of Love in Unique Engagement Rings for Women

Symbols of love have been around for centuries. From Greek mythology to the modern day, they convey our truest feelings.

While diamond engagement rings are always classic, unique, nontraditional engagement rings for women offer a more distinctive look. From nature-inspired designs to ethereal celestial themes, these rings speak to your inner gypsy.

Round Cut

Look no further than this unique ring for an ultra-modern, minimalist engagement ring design. The incredibly simple rose gold band highlights the beautiful baguette cut diamond center stone.

Break away from the traditional roundness of diamond cuts and choose shapes like pear or emerald that offer a more organic feel. Or, choose a meandering shank with naturally placed accent gemstones for a stacked look.

Cushion Cut

Unique engagement rings for women offer a sophisticated look that is perfect for those with an eye for detail. Here, a twist on the classic twisted band upgrade features curved accent diamonds contrasting with the square cushion cut center stone for a balanced style.

Are you looking for a nontraditional ring with a pop of color? This design is the one for you. The cushion-cut diamond surrounded by the double halo is sure to impress.

engagement ring in roses
Photo by Esther Tuttle on Unsplash

Emerald Cut

A classic and timeless option, emerald-cut engagement rings feature long elegant lines that flatter any finger. This elegant design is accentuated by the step-cut facets that ascend and descend with linear precision.

These rings pair well with halo and solitaire settings. They’re perfect for the bride-to-be who wants a bold fashion statement. The rectangular shape also symbolizes new beginnings.

Pear Cut

The pear cut, also referred to as the teardrop diamond, is an exquisite unique shape that is both sophisticated and feminine. It pairs beautifully with simple bands and delicate details, adding dimension to your engagement ring.

For a glamorous look, opt for a halo-pear engagement ring design like this one. You can even add a band inscription for an extra-personal touch.


Marquise cut diamonds can be a bold statement in engagement rings. They appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight and convey a classic vintage aesthetic.

Choosing the right length-to-width ratio should be determined by personal preference. However, a marquise diamond with a lower ratio has a more rounded appearance, while the higher ratio creates a more elongated shape.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is the choice for women who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. It’s modern and geometric while retaining classic clean lines.

The shape was originally patented as a “Profile Cut” by Arpad Nagy in 1961. It was later named the princess cut by Ygal Perlman and Israel Itzkowitz in 1979.

A princess-cut engagement ring is a good choice for those who prefer an alternative to the traditional solitaire diamond. It can also look great stacked with other diamond shapes or accent gemstones.

Baguette Cut

Baguette diamonds are typically used as side or accent stones in rings. Because of this, they must match in color to the center stone. It is recommended that they have a G or H color grade to avoid overshadowing the center stone.

Baguettes also work well in eternity bands as they are less bulky than emerald cuts. 

luxury engagement ring
Photo by Sabrianna on Unsplash

Radiant Cut

A radiant cut diamond is the perfect regal choice to symbolize your love. With their square or elongated shape and brilliant sparkle, these unique engagement rings will make her proud to wear them for generations.

Radiant-cut diamonds are relative newcomers to the diamond world, but they’re gaining popularity. They’re a smart fusion of the linear look of emerald and Asscher cuts with the brilliant sparkle of round diamonds.

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds capture the attention of those looking for a unique engagement ring. They are often found in halo, three-stone, and accented styles.

Russian-born cutter Lazare Kaplan invented this modern diamond shape. He pioneered the oval cut by combining his brilliant faceting style with diamonds deemed worthless by other diamond cutters.

Tapered Cut

It is important to ensure the ring fits properly to be worn comfortably daily. Using a ring sizer and measuring your finger at different times of the day is one way to get an accurate measurement.

Some couples may have both partners contribute to purchasing the engagement ring. It can be a great way to demonstrate mutual commitment and equality in the relationship.